Retail Space for GWR
The task was to design an open-air retail space for Glasgow Wood Recyling.
The design for the shop should be simple, feasible and flexible. We worked in a group of 13 people and designed a concept based on the materials Glasgow Wood Recycling could provide. We used pallets, bars and sheet material.

As decoration and to get the attention from families and pupils we cut out huge silhouettes of forest animals. The cut-out animals show what can be made out of used material. Huge picture frames work as a catching element to display products. They are attached to pallets which are like pedestals. This arrangement is a flexible and low-cost solution to highlight any product. Further it is made of recycled material. The concept for Glasgow Wood Recycling also included signs and graphics.

Team of 13 students / Glasgow School of Art Year3 / 4 weeks / 2008