Designer Exchange Exhibition
The Apolda Design Award is a famous award for young fashion designers all over Europe. Every three years graduates from 30 schools are invited to take part.
The Designer Exchange accompanies the Award. It is the exhibition and market place for the participating fashion designers. The Egon Eiermann „Total“ Werke, a former fire-extinguisher factory is the stage for the Apolda Designer Exchange. It is a great challenge for the staging of a fashion exhibition. With a team of 8 students we developed a spatial concept for the 1100m² hall.

The linear perspective of the building was reduced with an individual wall concept. The way through the exhibtion is intuitiv and extra columns build a structure for the walls. With this structure 28 presentation areas could be separated and decorated according to the topic of the various collections. The presentation of the collections was made in agreement between the fashion designers and students from the Bauhaus University.

The catching element of the exhibition design are illuminated air cushions. They function as seating, as well as sculptural elements in between the columns and as an atmospheric ceiling in the lounge area.

Team of 8 students / Workspace 08 / 6 months / 2008