Relationship Tool for SDS
In this live project we worked for Skills Development Scotland, particularly for Careers Scotland. Careers Scotland is a service from the Scottish Government that helps with career decision-making and career planning. We first analysed the service in various colleges and offices in Glasgow. Secondly, we gathered data into a database with the programme Atlas and designed research tools. During the last two weeks of the project, we worked in different groups on service design proposals.

The group I was in focused on how to improve institutional relationships. We designed a tool with which one can map out, discuss and analyse relationships.
(A paper model is in the photo) The tool consists of a board with three engraved circles on it and several chips. In the centre of the board is the person or office who is doing the analysis. The next circle around is named family, the next friends, then acquaintances and the space outside the third circle is named strangers. The chips have three sizes, which stand for the importance. They are engraved with the names of institutions or they are left blank to write on them. To map out your relationships you take a chip in the favoured size and place it in the circle that you think stands for your relationship. Then you can see how important and how close the other institution is to yourself. You can then think about how to improve the relationship. Therefore, you can pick a card with suggestions and questions. The relationship tool brings the people to discuss and improve their relationships to other institutions, and ultimately to foster institutional cooperation.

Team of 13 students / 7th semester / Glasgow School of Art Year3 / 4 weeks /2008
Photos: Kevin Smeekens